Miércoles, 24 de Abril

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    In the midsummer of 2012, we said goodbye to each other after an elegant turn.e rain that day was really big, big... The lead-gray cloud was set in the sky. I can't see your face, it's rain, or tears. When we were still "mixed" in Weinan, it was rampant. The days at that time were really happy, but the wheel of time still did not let us go. The snarl that announced the coming of the summer made us let go of the arrogance of the past [url=www.852stock.com]Cigarettes Online Cheap Free Shipping[/url], and we began to secretly write to friends in the corner of no one. Start accepting reality, because we know better than anyone else: those days that have you are dying [url=www.cigarettessupermarket.com]Cigarettes For Sale Cheap[/url]. physicist said: "Give me a fulcrum and a lever, I can lift the earth." I want to say: "Give me a day to get along with you [url=www.sellcigarette.com]Buy Newport 100S Cigarettes Online[/url], I can let those days we live together."kura did not hold a funeral [url=www.cigarettessupermarket.com]Wholesale Ciggarettes[/url], silently buried itself in the soil, disappearing in July.know that this day will always come, I am not afraid, I am just, reluctant, those, have your days. Your love for me over the past few decades, I can't describe it in words. You are like a big tree, I am a small sapling under the big tree, you shelter me from the wind; you are like the sun, give me sunshine and hope; you are like a hard gardener [url=www.cartonsofcigarettes.com]Cartons Of Newport 100S[/url], soaking heavy seeds, I hope that I will grow up soon.ce, I took the test. When I received the test paper, I was ashamed. If I was not careless, I would not be wrong with those questions. I took the test paper and returned home with a heavy footstep. When I saw your smile and asked me my grades, I couldn't control my tears anymore. Soy-like tears fell from my eyes. When you see me like this, I know that I have tested, but you are not angry. Instead, I came over and hugged me. I patted my back with my hand and comforted me. "It��s okay to test it. Next time we will work hard again. I believe that my baby will always be the best." I listened, and I laughed sillyly. And in my heart secretly vowed: I must study hard and use the results to repay you.m, I want to say something to you. It��s too much. A thousand words are translated into one sentence: ��Mom, you have worked hard, Mom, I love you.��